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At Portable CIO, we’re a group of ultra-talented and experienced IT professionals. If you ask each team member, they’ll tell you that they love coming to work. We enjoy finding the most innovative solutions to our customers’ technology and business problems. We thrive in the energy and drive at work. Over the years, we’ve evolved into an enthusiastic group of dedicated people.

Evan Corstorphine


Alisa Corstorphine

Chief Operating Officer

Joel Mahler

Field Consultant

Travis McGowan

Field Consultant

What’s work without fun?

At Portable CIO, having a great time is as important as working hard. We’re all super-achievers, but we’re also a happy group of people. In between solving the problems of our clients, we tuck time away to hang out and chill.

So. next time we have a party, drop in and join the fun.

Arthur Scullion

Technical Consultant

Andrew Mason

Field Consultant

Seth Salmi

Field Consultant

Jennifer Macaventa

Remote Consultant

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We manage 100% of your firm’s technology needs, combining CIO-level advice with senior project management skills and seasoned IT technical consulting.

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