Acutherm Centralizes Data Storage for Easy Remote Access by Worldwide Sales Force


Critical data centrally managed and updated
New backup strategy
Outsourced IT ensured continuity and unified approach


Founded in 1978, Acutherm manufactures components for heating and air conditioning systems that make commercial buildings more comfortable, save energy, offer sustainability and can also reduce total installed costs.

Hayward, CA



Securing Valuable Data

Acutherm had an old and outdated IT infrastructure. While the workstations and servers were well maintained, because of their age, the chances of system failure were very high. Given their reputation for quality and delivering product on time, this was not a risk the company was willing to take. They also lacked a dedicated IT resource and had no strategic long-range plan for their IT infrastructure. Acutherm needed assistance in uncovering the company’s different technology needs, prioritizing them, and then formulating a plan to upgrade their IT infrastructure.

Stronger, Faster, Better

Portable CIO conducted a thorough investigation to understand the existing IT infrastructure and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current systems. Aging workstations and servers were replaced, upgraded, or consolidated.

Secure Access to Data

In the past, Acutherm had data stored on servers and individual laptops. Their remote sales reps did not have easy access to the latest brochures and price lists. Portable CIO moved all data to one centralized location so that Acutherm’s reps and staff could access data as and when required. The data was also centrally managed and updated, delivering better version control. With data stored in one centralized location, Portable CIO implemented a backup strategy that provided for multiple copies and versions of their data in the event of a system failure.

Managed and Maintained

Previously, workstations at Acutherm were not centrally managed. Each machine had its own antivirus. Portable CIO took over management and maintenance of all systems, ensuring continuity across all platforms, and a unified approach to security—antivirus, antimalware, content filtering, etc. In the event of an issue, Portable CIO is able to respond quickly and decisively. Acutherm now has an IT infrastructure that will scale with the company’s needs and is structured to help employees work more efficiently.

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