Automated Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution Cuts Costs for DayNine



New data recovery solution rolled out worldwide in under one month


100% backup rate with successful data restoration


Unlimited data storage


DayNine Consulting helps companies around the world manage human capital and finances through the Workday software application. The company has nine offices located in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia.





What’s the Backup Plan?

With more than 400 end users spread across the globe dealing with sensitive and valuable information, backing up data regularly and effectively is critical for DayNine. Their existing backup application had several design flaws that affected DayNine’s ability to backup on a consistent basis. For example, laptop users could easily circumvent the mandatory backup policy, with the result that less than one-third of data was being backed up. In the event of a lost or stolen laptop, the consequences of not being able to recover data would be disastrous. In addition, DayNine was paying for data storage on a “pay for the space you use” basis. With less than one-third of the data being backed up, any increase in data storage required a significant capital outlay.

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Unwilling to take chances with their reputation and the trust of their clients, DayNine engaged Portable CIO to remedy the situation. After extensively interviewing DayNine’s management and end users, Portable CIO determined three major requirements for a successful new solution:

  • Employees needed to work quickly and efficiently without having to lose time to regularly backing up data
  • Management needed to protect its intellectual property by having a locked down process
  • Disaster and recovery services were essential

Easy Implementation and Adoption

Portable CIO developed a customized solution from an enterprise class provider of data backup and disaster recovery strategies. To minimize disruption to employees and ensure the success of the implementation, Portable CIO rolled out the new backup and disaster recovery solution in stages. Employees were informed that the new solution would be remotely installed and required no intervention from them. Configuration settings were locked down from the centrally managed control panel preventing users from circumventing the new service. With Portable CIO monitoring the roll out, the new backup and recovery solution was successfully installed on all 400 computers in less than one month.

“Portable CIO has been our IT consultant since 2009. As our company has grown, so has the list of services that Portable CIO has provided for us. From laptop support to opening new offices across the country, Portable CIO has helped us develop systems that are scalable and secure. Most recently, based upon their guidance, we implemented a new enterprise-wide backup and recovery strategy. This new system provides increased protection along with significant financial savings. Their ability to provide CIO-level guidance and operational support has been a key factor in our company’s effort to keep internal technology support staff focused on key initiatives.

Darrell Pope

Vice President of Delivery and Technology, DayNine

Cost-Effective Security

With a 100% backup rate and a new disaster recovery plan in place, users have successfully restored data as needed. Portable CIO also transitioned DayNine to a new data storage plan that offered unlimited storage for a fixed price. As the company grows and new employees come on board, DayNine will only need to pay for new licenses for new computers.

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