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Many people ask us what PCIO stands for. Well, here you go.

Having worn every hat possible in the IT industry and ridden to the very top as CIO of a thriving Bay Area start-up, I suddenly found myself without a “home” one day. Wondering as to my next move, and without any immediate obligations, I was definitely a portable CIO. And that’s how Portable CIO, was born in 2001.

But there was an equally important aspect to our founding that has held true all of these years. Portable CIO’s name was chosen to respect the strategic CIO point of view we share with our clients.

I started Portable CIO with the firm belief that we were going to bring to our clients all the corporate best practices I had learned and instituted over the years.  I wanted us to look at business problems from a more methodical, structured, and well thought out view. I saw people making expensive mistakes and unnecessarily losing their data. More than anything, I wanted Portable CIO to have long-term, meaningful relationships with our clients and to show them a better way.

I’m proud to say that those values have held firm at Portable CIO all these years.

At Portable CIO, all of us love to help and be of service. You may think it geeky, but we have fun sharing our specialized knowledge and seeing how our clients benefit from it. At the end of the day, we truly do believe that we can take the complexity out of technology, making it simple and easy to use.

We look forward to an exciting partnership with you.


About Us

We manage 100% of your firm’s technology needs, combining CIO-level advice with senior project management skills and seasoned IT technical consulting.

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