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Security Management

If you want to run your business on all cylinders, you need to ensure your IT systems remain safe. Work with Portable CIO to receive top-tier Security Management Solutions designed to safeguard your business against online threats.

Primary Tier 1 Services

Security Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Needs

At PCIO, we understand the importance of having the right resources at your fingertips. Trust us to handle your IT security so you can get back to running your business.

Security Audits & Compliance

Ensure the integrity and compliance of your systems with thorough security audits and the development of strong IT compliance policies tailored to your organization’s needs.

Web Security

Enhance your online security posture with customized web content filter adjustments and the implementation of advanced email security measures, including two-factor authentication.

Malware & Threat Response

Stay protected against evolving threats with proactive malware and security incident response services, along with comprehensive ransomware prevention measures and regular virus/malware scanning protocols.

Employee Training & Awareness

Empower your workforce to recognize and mitigate security risks through engaging in anti-phishing training sessions facilitated for all end users, fostering a culture of heightened security awareness.

Data Backup & Protection

Safeguard your critical data assets with secure SaaS backups for Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Email, OneDrive, Teams, and G-Suite, ensuring business continuity and resilience against data loss incidents.

Threat Detection & Monitoring

Stay ahead of potential threats with proactive dark web testing to identify compromised credentials and ongoing vulnerability monitoring across internal and external networks, bolstering your overall security posture.

Other Services

End-User Workstation Management

Advanced Management

Project Based Management