New IT Infrastructure Enables Lafayette Square Financial Advisors to Improve Team Productivity



Easy document sharing and synchronization with OneDrive


New simplified, needs-based technology solutions


Proactive on-going maintenance of IT systems

Lafayette Square Financial Advisors is full-service financial advisory firm committed to helping people pursue their financial goals. They offer a wide range of financial products and services to individuals and business owners.

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Too Complicated to Use

Lafayette Square Financial Advisors (LFSA) had solutions that were better suited for large enterprises, but were too complex for their seven-person team to utilize effectively. As users experienced problems with the overly complicated systems, the existing IT vendor became overwhelmed with other customers and response time rapidly diminished. LSFA users, including the CEO became frustrated at the lack of response and the impact on productivity.

Keep It Simple

Having met with Portable CIO earlier and knowing about their team and approach, LFSA decided it was time to bring in a proactive IT consultant. Portable CIO assessed their needs and developed a plan to implement solutions that would meet LSFA’s unique needs and be easy to use.

Document Sharing: A Better Way

Document Sharing: A Better Way

LSFA employees centrally store and share documents. The previous vendor had installed Sharepoint. While Sharepoint is a great product, it is a very complex system and requires dedicated IT resources to manage and optimize, which LSFA did not have. Employees were unable to reliably and easily access their files, frustrating their efforts to do their jobs. PCIO moved them from Sharepoint to OneDrive. With OneDrive, users have more direct control of what they share and with whom, and they are also able to retain a locally synchronized copy of the files for offline access and backup.

A Perfect Partnership

As a result of partnering with Portable CIO, LSFA employees are using solutions that are perfectly suited for their needs. In addition, when users need assistance, they are able to rely on Portable CIO to provide timely response and resolution. Portable CIO also notifies the LSFA team when a consultant will be responding to provide additional troubleshooting and/or remote support.

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