npm Increases Employee Collaboration With a Hybrid Networking Solution



Hybrid wired and wireless network infrastructure


Fully functional from Day 1


Enhanced employee collaboration and productivity


npm, Inc. is dedicated to the long term success of the JavaScript community which includes the success of the open-source Node.js and npm projects. The company runs the npm Registry, which is a free and public collection of packages of open source code.

Oakland, CA



Wired or Wireless?

As a typical young company, npm did not have dedicated IT support, and this function was carried out by one of their C-level executives. Growing fast and faced with an imminent move to a larger office, npm quickly realized that their ad hoc IT person did not have the time to design, procure, install, and test the IT infrastructure for their new location.

Given their growth and the collaborative work environment, npm was interested in installing a reliable and scalable wireless networking solution at their new office. Their incumbent IT vendor was recommending a 100% wired infrastructure. Anxious to ensure they had the right IT infrastructure that would enhance employee productivity, npm determined that it was best to engage an experienced IT consultant. Portable CIO was contracted to design and install the network infrastructure.

Business Requirement: Internet Access Anywhere, Any timebest-of-both-worlds

Portable CIO’s first task was to meet with the executive team and understand their business goals. npm’s employees tend to be very mobile and engage in a lot of partnering and brainstorming, rarely staying at any one place in the office throughout the day. Internet connectivity and portability are key requirements, and npm was anxious not to impair employee productivity and efficiency.

The Best of Both Networks

Portable CIO recommended that npm utilize a hybrid network infrastructure, combining wireless with wired. Wireless access points would provide employees with the flexibility they needed. A rock-solid wired infrastructure would provide speed, reliability, and the ability to scale. Critical devices like access points, printers, and televisions would have high availability as they would be connected to the wired network.

Working closely with the construction project manager, Portable CIO identified critical location for wired network jacks as well as wireless access points. In a compressed project timeline, Portable CIO successfully procured, configured, and installed all necessary network components on time and under budget.

Business as Usual, But Better

With Portable CIO managing the IT aspect of their move, npm’s executive staff was able to focus on the strategic aspects of their business. The new network infrastructure was fully functional from Day 1, and npm’s workforce was delighted with their highly productive environment.

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