Community Based with a National Reach

We provide you with a fractional share of our excellent “portable” IT department that we have created with state-of-the-art tools and industry best-practices. With a nationwide reach and an incredible collection of partners, vendors and software solutions, we provide higher levels of service to the end-user, better information to management, and huge savings to your organization’s bottom line.

IT Support & Services

  • Concierge-style technical support
  • PCs/Macs/Laptops/ Desktops/Servers/Tablets/Mobile devices
  • US-based remote helpdesk
  • In-office bench repair
  • Email setup, migrations, and domain support
  • Backup solutions
  • Cloud solutions for data storage and sharing
  • IT Strategy Development workstation data security solutions
  • Meraki networks
  • System purchase guidance
  • IT Staff augmentation / supplemental support
  • IT Design & Implementation
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Dashboard monitoring of your systems, network, mobile devices
  • Project management
  • Seasoned IT technical consulting
  • Network monitoring and management
  • Disaster preparedness/Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Planning
  • CIO consulting
  • Flat-rate service packages
  • Office moves *
  • Cabling, circuit extensions, security cameras *

* Provided through our trusted partners

IT Design & Implementation

IT Strategy Development
We don’t work in silos. Successful IT implementation starts with input and buy-in from key stakeholders across an organization.

Multi-Platform Computing
No matter the variety of your computing environment—PC, Mac, or other—we have the expertise to support it.

Cloud Services
We approach cloud implementation in a very realistic manner. It all starts with your needs and determining if moving some of your services to the cloud is a good fit for your organization.


IT Infrastructure Management

Network Monitoring and Management
We ensure your network is always running properly by installing the right hardware, configuring it with best practices, and setting up alert systems before a problem becomes an outage.

Desktop, Laptop, Server, OSX or Windows
Each device requires a different management approach. We start with a carefully constructed recipe and then refine it based on best practices, our experience, and knowledge of the usage of different devices and how they need to be maintained.

Mobile Device Management
A BYOD (bring your own device) workplace needs to be managed carefully to maintain the balance of individual privacy and company security. We spend time with operations and HR to help formulate your BYOD policies so everybody is protected.

Disaster Preparedness
Whether on a server or cloud, data is the lifeblood of an organization. We evaluate the key pieces of information that are important to your company and design solutions to recover them in the event of a disaster. Nothing is left to chance.

Office Moves, Project Management
Technology is so central to how a company functions, and a move or major project can be a daunting effort. We maintain tight control of all the moving parts in a project or move, coordinating all the players, and seeing the project through to completion.


IT Support

Help Desk
IT problems that are not handled effectively or in a timely fashion hamper employee productivity and create bottlenecks. When we’re your Help Desk, you have a local point of contact. Your employees can contact our Help Desk directly and obtain resolution. During business hours, your issues will be handled by our technical support staff. Extended hours support is also available if you should desire it.

Supplemental IT Support
Whether you need an IT professional on a temporary basis or with a specific skill, we can provide people with the appropriate skills. We source high-caliber individuals who are professional and can take instruction and guidance from the onsite project manager.

Cross-Platform Support
Employees often use multiple devices — desktop, laptop, tablet, Mac, PC — to do their job. Our staff is fluent in all different areas of technologies and devices and we can support any computing environment.